CHS Offers Saturday School for State Test Prep


Saturday school dates and times.

Tyshun Wilkins, Staff Writer

Clarksdale High School offers a Saturday school program to help students that need extra practice in state tested courses. Students who participate are offered additional help and state test prep in Algebra I, English II, Biology I, and U.S. History. The goal is to make sure that every student can pass their state test, as each test is a graduation requirement and part of the school accountability rating. The school is currently a rated “D” school, but administrators Dr. Hayes and Ms. Shaw want to see the school grow to be a level “B,” and they believe that Saturday school can help CHS reach that goal.

Saturday school begins at 8:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm. The school district will provide transportation for students, as well as breakfast and lunch for the students that attend. Students also have the opportunity to participate in physical education, which many of the students enjoy. Saturday school regular, Marchellos Scott, says, “I like Saturday school because the class size is smaller and I get more attention from the teacher. The extra credit in my English and history classes is nice too.” Many teachers are offering extra credit for students who attend Saturday school. State testing begins in two weeks, so the school wants to encourage all students to attend Saturday school to prepare for the tests.

Remaining Saturdays:
April 6th
April 13th
April 27th
May 4th
Mau 11th