Important Senior Dates and Announcements


Senior AP Government class with senior sponsor, Mrs. Gibbons.

Terrinesha Martin, Staff Writer

For the seniors at Clarksdale High School, the school year, and their time at CHS, is coming to a close. Every year, the senior sponsors prepare activities to celebrate the senior class and the contributions they have made to CHS. As the year wraps up, there are several dates that the seniors need to be aware of. Seniors mark you calendars for the following dates:

April 15h – Senior Dues
****Senior dues will not be accepted after this date. If you have not paid, you will not participate.
May 18th – Prom
May 20th – Senior Picnic
May 21st – Senior Luncheon
May 22nd – Community Service
May 23rd – Graduation

Any questions about senior events may be directed to the senior sponsors, Mrs. Gibbons, Mrs. James, and Ms. Smith. Congratulations to all of the graduating seniors!