Book Bowl Sparks Love of Reading


Senior Book Bowl team shows off their gear.

Jordarian Duncan, Staff Writer

The Clarksdale Municipal School District Book Bowl is reading competition. Teams are organized by grade level, with two teams per grade. Each grade level competes against itself. There are five members per team. Students are given a reading list at the start of the year and they are expected to read every book in preparation for the Book Bowl. During the competition, students are asked questions about the book and the teams earn points by answering the questions quickly and correctly.

The Book Bowl gives participants the a chance to challenge their classmates in reading comprehension. Book Bowl participants are offered incentives for participating, such as a dress out pass and a Book Bowl tee shirt. The goal is for the students to feel comfortable during the competition. In the end both teams receive really cool prizes, including backpacks, earphones, and a personalized water bottle. Students enjoyed the event and the books Hidden Figures and Catcher in the Rye were book bowl favorites.